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ArmoryOne is dedicated in providing the essential needs for Gunpla fans around sabah. Trust me,i have felt the suffering,the pain,the agony as there is no shop here that is like Time Machine or Graffiti Toys. All this while we have to rely on our friends at KL to do the buying and some have to rely buying Gundam model online as there is no alternative option. May this news bring happiness to all gundam fans here and do start 'poison' your friends into Gunpla so we all can share the joy together,PEACE!!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Armory One flyers

Just cool....

ArmoryOne Flyer, 1280×905px, 448KB

For those who lives around KK, maybe you have seen the printed/photocopied black and white version placed at your car....maybe....hehehe